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BIOTOWNS Project final conference

Conference materials:


In 23th of February 2012, was held the final Conference of BIOTOWNS Project.  The 103 participants were representatives of the main institutions with relevant activities in the field of environmental protection, biodiversity, local authorities (town halls),  surrounding communities (Growth Pole Timişoara), Timis County Council and Prefecture as followinguniversity professors from Timişoara, Arad and Oradea in the area of the study, engineers (horticulturist, agronomy, forestry, fishery, landscaping, etc), specialists and experts in environment protection, biologists, veterinary medicine, chemistry, professors, public servants,  students and other categories.  The presidium of the conference  was composed from the following members: Mr. Deputy Prefect Zoltán MARÓSSI from Timis County Prefecture, Mr. Deputy Mayor Adrian ORZA, Mr Vasile CIUPA – Executive Director Environmental Directorate, Mr. Adrian BERE – SEMEREDI – Head of Urban Environmental Permits Department from the City Hall of Timişoara and  Ms. ÁCS SÁNTA Ágnes  from the Development Department of Szeged Municipality – as Leader project representative. The facilitator of the conference was Iudit BERE – SEMEREDI – Counsellor in Environmental Department of the City Hall of Timisoara. The representatives of Szeged University and AROUND LIFE Association Sebiş presented the results of the studies carried out in both cities, the  measures and actions proposed in the Strategic Plans for the Protection and Conservation of Biodiversity. Further presentations were focused on the importance of the ecological education of the  children in the frame of the schools, about the importance of the measures to combat invasive  and allergen flora in the city environment and the importance of the Pollen Monitoring Centre in Timişoara, and finally the important role of local authorities  in the field of environment protection and conservation of existing biodiversity in the urban area. Only one presentation could not be supported due to illness to the person concerned,the Chief Architect  Ciprian CĂDARIU. Absence of the chief architect was replaced by supporting documents, printed in color and a few explanations on how the measures and actions proposed in the strategic plan will be integrated in the Masterplan and in the General Urban Plan of Timisoara. Coffee break and lunch offered to participants an opportunity to communicate, exchange ideas and contacts for future collaborations. The conference ended in an optimistic note, the project results are considered extraordinary. The project implementation teams members identified the common points of interest for future projects in the field of nature protection and conservation of biodiversity. In the final of conference it was  highlighted the necessity that BIOTOWNS Project to continue and to deepen the evaluation and research  funded from both local budgets or by submitting a new  project in the frame of Cross-Border Co-operation Programme.
After the conference the participants from Szeged and members from Project Implementation Team from Timisoara participated to a exhibition organized by The French Institute from Timisoara with the theme “Biodiversity is life, our life”/ ”Biodiversitatea esteviaţa, viaţa noastră”. In the exhibition the guide presented the institute activities in the field of environment protection conducted  with participation of the French Institute and other partners, including Timisoara Municipality. Also was presented the Mediateque with its existing materials (books, specialised publication, CD’s, DVD’s, a.o)..


1. BIOTOWNS PROJECT  - PROJECT PRESENTATION - Mrs..  ÁCS SÁNTA Ágnes - Project Manager  - City Hall of Szeged

1. Biodiversity and nature protection in Szeged - Szeged Municipality experts presentation

2. Biodiversity and nature protectio - an respinsible approach of  biodiversitz and environmental protection in two twin cities Timisoara and Szeged -    presentation of the Study and Strategic Plan for biodiversity protection and conservation in Timisoara Municipality, presented by the experts of AROUND LIFE Asociation Sebiş - Prof  Adrian SINITEAN;

3.  Ecological Education in Béla Bartók High School -  Presented by Mrs. Kinga  Enikö TÓTH - Profesor in  Béla BARTÓK Timişoara High School

4.  The First Pollen Monitoring Centre in Timisoara (Romania). Allergen Flora  in Urban Areas (1999-2010) - Presented by  Mrs. Nicoleta IANOVICI - WEST UNIVERSITY OF TIMISOARA

4.  The Local public authorities and the responsabilities regarding  environmental and biodiversity protection- prezinted by Mr.  Domnul Vasile CIUPA - Executiv Director  of Environmental Directorate - The City Hall of Timişoara;

Materials and BIOTOWNS Projects Closing Conference Photo's